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I was going on youtube to find a specific Christmas video by Natalie Grant and came across this one. There are no words, but it’s where I’m at right now, and of course, if you know me, sometimes it’s easier to say it by song, vs. my own words. And mostly b.c I don’t have any….but I’m so glad He loves me through my imperfections, mistakes, and can see through to who I am and who He has called me to be.



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A desire to be where You are

None other will do

Drawing me near, when I was far.

A desire to be hungry and thirsty, only for You

To fill me up to overflowing

No one else will do.

A desire to bring others to You

Through my happiness and pain

So they know You are True.

A desire to be changed from the inside out

You alone can and will do it

So that my life points to You without a doubt.

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