Monthly Archives: January 2008

Do You?

Do you wonder why His ways are not ours?

Do you realize that He knows everything in your history, even before we were born?

Do you ever just live day by day instead of thinking ahead to what’s next?

Do you find it amazing that the Lord knows your heart and your thoughts and loves you just the same? That He knows the intricate details of YOU and He will not forsake you?

Do you think that sometimes it’s good to go through difficulties that leave you broken, knowing that the Lord is so near, you feel His presence?

Do you think it’s okay to not have to understand it all, even though you want to with every fiber of your being?

Do you know that no matter what circumstance you are in, even though you don’t have the understanding, or the outcome wasn’t what you foresaw, that He knows, He will not forsake you, He sees and He knows what He’s doing.



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