Pictures. Updates. Kids.

Here are some pictures of the kids. Haven got her hair cut today for the first time in a salon. I’ve cut it once before and my mother in law has cut it as well, but she’s never had it this short. We both love it. She’s getting so big.

Harbin is growing as well. Forgive me for not posting pictures until now. It’s been quite crazy….

The before.
The Before

The after.
The after pic...again
And again, posing.
The blurry after

Sibling Love.
Sibling Love

Mr. Man
Mr. Man


Harbin wasn't interested



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8 responses to “Pictures. Updates. Kids.

  1. beautiful, just beautiful!

  2. oh i’ve missed seeing your babies!

    love love haven’s haircut and harbin! he is so big!

    sweet sweet pictures 🙂

  3. Ashley Shaver

    I LOVE Haven’s haircut!!! It is darling! All three of you guys look so great. Harbin is getting so big. I’m so glad you posted pictures. I miss you. I’d still really love to get together. Are you coming to the sale?

  4. Erin

    Oh my gosh! Is it wrong that I cried when I saw Have’s hair?!? She is getting too big! And that pic of her posing!!!! She’s not a little baby anymore and I am NOT okay with that! Thanks for posting the pics! I hope you guys are having a great week to play and hang out! I love you all!

  5. Catherine wilson

    Your children are precious and I love their haircuts!

  6. Allison

    I have missed you posting on here! Haven’s hair is so cute! I can’t believe how big Harbin is. Kind of like I can’t believe how big Brooklyn is. Time flies.

  7. Stephanie

    I love love love the new haircut. She looks so cute. That boy is precious. I miss them

  8. Tracy

    Haven’s haircut is fabulous! She really looks like a big girl. And Harbin is looking so much like a little boy, not a baby any more. They really do grow up too fast (as cliched as that is!). Hope you’re doing well!!

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