Pictures from the weekend.

This weekend we had Easter a bit early. Harbin got a big boy hair cut from nana and we enjoyed the nice weather.

Me and Steph

Harb with the wink.
Harbin with the wink before the hair cut.

Harbin and the hair cut
And after.

Haven and her basket.

Haven's new tea set.
Haven and I having a tea party with her new tea set.



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7 responses to “Pictures from the weekend.

  1. Stephanie

    Very cute pics. I love his haircut. So Sweet.

  2. Catherine wilson

    looks like you all had a fun easter! Such beautiful kids- and their momma too! have a good week!

  3. I can’t believe Harbin is old enough for a haircut! After having a child, I truly understand the phrase “they grow up too fast”. 🙂 Take care!!

  4. AMBER

    Great pics!!

  5. heidi

    your kids are so cute!

  6. Kristin

    You are all absolutely beautiful!!! I adore Haven’s hair as well as Harbin’s! Such great pictures. Love, K.

  7. Sarah

    I feel like a copy cat saying this, but you all are gorgeous. You are amazing, you know that?!

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