Happy Birthday Stephanie.

My dear sister’s (in.law) birthday was yesterday. All the sisters were able to have lunch to celebrate with her and baby Roman. I must say, these ladies are amazing. They are beautiful inside and out. I didn’t have a sister growing up and when I married Micah, I gained two sisters and was beyond excited. And then John Mark and Steph got married, and I gained another one. I am so blessed to have three beautiful sisters that love me unconditionally, we get to laugh, cry, be ourselves. You girls are amazing and I love you so much. I can’t tell you how much you mean to me, how you’ve prayed for me, and for who each of you are as women of faith. Steph, I’m so thankful the Lord brought you into my life and the world is so much better b.c you were born. I love you.




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7 responses to “Happy Birthday Stephanie.

  1. what a sweet tribute! you’re such a beatiful girl–inside and out.


  2. That’s awesome that you guys are so close!! I’m thinking of having a Pass Your Plate party towards the end of April. Let me know if you’re interested – thebonds_1213@yahoo.com. Your babies are getting so big, I can’t believe Harbin had a haircut already!

  3. Stephanie

    I had a lot of fun. I love you!

  4. I am a whale!!! WOW! Can’t wait to have this baby…

    It was great to have lunch and see you…and even better that you are coming to my house on Sunday! I love you!

  5. Kara, you are so good. Your God is good, especially.

  6. Kristin

    Yay! For girlfriends!! 🙂 Kristin

  7. Christy

    Thinking of you….and you look beautiful!

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