There really isn’t a title for this one. Today was my 30th birthday. One that was not looked upon with excited, b.c, well, it’s 30. I know that it’s supposedly ‘the new 20’. We’ll see. However, I did decide to invite my family and close friends over to celebrate and hang for a bit.

The besties and sisters.
Me and Steph.

The girls.
Brightly, Haven, and Kayleen.

Beautiful-eyed Justus.

Princess for a day.
Me with Audra’s princess tiara.

Ashley, Me and the Boys.
Me with Ashley, and the two boys born a day apart, Harbin and Justus.

Me and Kelley
Me and Kelley.

Audra and Haven
Audra and Haven played dress up.

Haven's picture she painted for me.
Haven painted this for me for my birthday. I had no idea….

The besties.
Me and Kristin.

Lord, I’m in awe of how You choose to bless me and love me.




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  1. happy birthday kara! you look so beautiful and i LOVE the picture that Haven painted. so sweet 🙂

  2. Yes Happy #30 – you look so young – and you are young! I too love the painting by Haven – i have three by Annabelle and treasure them all..

  3. happy 30th kara! you look great! 🙂

    haven made you such a beautiful picture.

    i pray that this year will be one of peace, joy and hope. i pray that Jesus will draw you to His side and that you can truly rest in His embrace.

    God bless, jennifer

  4. Erin

    You look so beautiful! I am so sad I couldn’t be there to celebrate with you! Know that I am thinking and praying for you! i am going to try to call you tonight!

  5. Stephanie

    It was super fun. I was glad I was able to come. Wouldn’t miss it. You look fabulous, and by the way someone should have told me my hair looked….well bad. Love you girl.

  6. Happy (belated) birthday! I saw it on Myspace, but didn’t log on this weekend. I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with 30! And you look great! 🙂 There’s is a Haven lookalike on the cover of “Wondertime” magazine for June. Take care!

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