Journeys and Listening.

Have you gone shopping for something? You couldn’t describe it, but you knew you would know it when you saw it. You didn’t know what it was until you actually saw it.

Have you ever been pulled toward something and you don’t know what it is? That tug in your Spirit that you can’t describe to anyone, but you just know that you’re being pulled. You can’t describe it.
Whenever you walk with God, don’t know too much. B.c when you know too much you’ll miss it. You have to just play it by ear. Walk it out by faith.

He wants us to rely on Him and just keep walking with Him. Am I willing to travel by myself in the will of God even though it’s by myself? Even if, by the world’s standards, it is hopeless and they don’t understand?

He is going to do something amazing in me…..He is preparing me….God…He is going to take me higher than I have ever been before…..the destiny and purpose He has for me is being fulfilled…

Doing His will means it will take you out of your comfort zone…a place where you aren’t sure what is going to happen next. Where He is getting ready to take me, He will provide…He will make the way…

How well do I listen? I know we had a little test the other day. I may not see the answer but the answer is coming. If I walk in His will….it’s coming over the mountain…just keep walking in faith. I need to praise Him for the blessings I haven’t recieved yet. Am I willing to walk by faith—to the other side of the mountain–even though I can’t see the answer, the breakthrough, even though the journey could be long? Can I praise Him even though all I see is the mountain? And amazingly enough, I get to walk with Him on the journey….He won’t let me go it alone….

Open the eyes of our heart, Jesus. Restore a right spirit within us…break us and mold us.

Thank you for the faith journeys. Thank You for speaking to us in the depths….for being patient while we continue to learn how to listen and hear from You…



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2 responses to “Journeys and Listening.

  1. Good stuff, Kara. This one is for me…

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