We talked today at church about blessing your children. The other night I was watching a program…I usually don’t get into some of them, but I knew this one was one I needed to hear. It was talking about praying over your children. Out loud. Annointing your doorposts of your children’s rooms. So I did just that. Both kiddos were asleep, so I got Harbin’s picture 🙂 and a sleeping Haven and prayed over them, over their minds, their thoughts, blessing them as they grow. Affirming who they are in Him. That they have a heritage.
Then, at church, a reminder of our family heritage. My mom’s (in.law) grandfather was a circuit rider preacher and spoke a blessing in letter form, over each generation of his children, grandchildren, ect. They read it in church today, and it was an awesome reminder, again, that our heritage is in the Lord, and how we need to be speaking those words of life over our children, out loud, while they are awake. During the day. Especially at night before and during their bedtimes….over their dreams.

Thank you Jesus for the heritage you have placed in our family. I pray that You would continue to draw us closer to You. Change our hearts, mold us into who YOU want us to be for You. Break our hearts for what breaks Your heart, that we would see others the way You see them. That we would bring You glory for generations long after we are with You.



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  1. Ashley

    I was in second service at church this morning. The story and prayer of your mother-in-law’s grandfather was amazing. I’d love to have a copy of it. Do you have one?

  2. what a great reminder. Sometimes I forget that we may be the only ones who pray for our kids. If we don’t pray for them, then who is? Stormie Omartian wrote a book “A Power of a Praying Parent” I need to get that back out and pray over my children. Thanks

  3. Kristin

    So true. Thank you for the reminder.

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