A day.

I am so grateful for another day. A new day. All day today, I had this heavy heart. Like I couldn’t get a good breath. I was telling a good friend about it at work as it was kind a long day, and it was only noon. She said ‘Oh, sounds like an anxiety attack’. Well, I didn’t take that, as I think of those as bending over with your head between your knees and blowing into a paper bag.
I kept praying through it and giving it over to the Lord. Minute by minute. I thought maybe I would be able to kick it once I got out of the building for lunch, clear my head and thoughts. Drove around, nothing.
Came home and decided to try and trim Harbin’s hair since I got a new electric razor. I’m so a rookie, so, I kept trying to make it look better and more even. A little more anxiety ensued, and, well, it’s now a nice summer haircut. I couldn’t even post a picture. It makes my stomach feel weird. Not b.c it looks bad, but b.c he’s not a baby anymore….
I am thankful for the days I get to cut my baby’s hair, watch Spongebob with Haven to unwind, and say hi to the little neighbor girl, who rang the doorbell 10 times without a pause in between.
Sweet Harbin can say ‘snack’ and ‘bike’ and ‘yes’. Many other things,but I’ll spare you his vocabulary.
Haven is almost 6. She starts school in a few weeks and is looking forward to kindergarten. She is so full of energy and life and I have been praying that the Lord would continue to tug at her heart and draw her to Himself.
And it’s so neat to watch the kids interact. They are so sweet and loving and truly enjoy each others company and laugh at each other when they are being silly.
To bless the end of the day, besides a reassuring conversation from my mom that his hair would indeed grow back and that she had un even hair cuts on numerous occasions, I got an email from a dear friend. She was my first Bible Study leader when I was home with Haven. She walked through the miscarriages with me, the season of being a stay at home mom, and just being a dear friend. She relocated with her family out of state and we lost contact. She found my blog on an old email and we have exchanged many emails already. I am so blessed to have a dear friend who is a bit older and wiser and the commonality we share in Christ above all. Thank you Jesus for the blessings in my life today and the ones that I didn’t mention on here. Thank You for encouraging my heart and lifting the heaviness.



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2 responses to “A day.

  1. i cut Ezra’s hair today also! it just needed a tiny trim, and i did it once when he was a baby. 2 snips, easy.

    today, not so easy.

    i kept cutting and cutting, and it looks okay….if you don’t look too close. 😉

    the only thing that kept me from going too far, was that i don’t have any clippers, only scissors, so i knew that if it got too short i couldn’t just buzz it. 🙂

    we can both just be thankful that hair grows back quickly!

  2. kflowers

    Love you sister!

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