Day to Day.

I have to be honest, it is minute by minute for me today. Today, the reality hit in a different way for me. I was angry b.c I did something essentially by myself. Something that I wanted to share with someone. And at the end of the day, sitting in my room, with the fan running, and the noise of Hillsong Kids in the background in Haven’s room, it’s a reality that seems to hit me in the face sometimes. Yet, there’s another thing that I was reminded of.
The happies:
Haven dressing up and getting ready.
Harbin feeding Haven’s monkey.
Haven with her shoes for this year. She arranged herself. These are from a lady whom we have never met. A friend of the family works with her. We got these, along with a lot of clothes, a few years ago, and she is just now able to fit in them. I was struck by how God just knew….He knew…and His timing is perfect, kind of like the alignment of the shoes by Ms. Haven.
PS….I have to throw in, the pink Crocs were not from the sweet lady, but picked out by my dad, and Haven’s Bopa…just so you know.:)
A sweet little guy who loves me no matter what his hair looks like.
The teachers.
Teachers who love our son and teach and show him the love of Jesus and how much He loves him. (he had open house for his mothers day out tonight)
The H’s.

I’m grateful I get to live out my life and testimony to a world that doesn’t understand You. Or what true forgiveness is. I’m grateful that when I have a day like today, You give me blessings in the midst. Things you show me, tangible and not so tangible ways. A sister that leaves me a comment saying how much she loves me—made my week. That my family loves and prays for me, no matter how often I see or talk to them. How you speak to me in ways that amaze me, yet I know it’s You. You speak even in the chaos and craziness when I’m at my wit’s end and am frustrated and angry…..and reassure me that’s it’s okay. Just breathe.



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2 responses to “Day to Day.

  1. hi kara-
    i’m so sorry that you have to walk this difficult and painful road. you have shown so much grace and strength…
    may the Lord continue to fill you with peace and joy. you are a blessing!

    i love all haven’s shoes… what a blessing!

  2. God is teaching you some amazing things these days. I can see that He is not willing to let you go! His tender mercies are made new each day.

    You show such grace to be willing and able to hear Him and be a testimony to His work in your life during “days” like these. Keeping listening and breathing; He will not forsake you!

    Love you!!

    p.s. your kids make me smile! they are SO precious.

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