The Kindergartner.

Today, Haven had her first day of kindergarten. She had a great first day. We went to the park tonight to celebrate and have a picnic. Her friend, Cade, who she’s in the picture with, is in her class. His mom and I grew up together when I was in first grade and beyond. It’s amazing how our kids are now in the same class.
A few pictures…

Pretty girl.
Before School.

Big sister.
Helping Harbin up the stairs before school started.

On the swing.
Having fun at the park.

On the slide.
On the slide.

On the slide 2.
I love his belly in this one…

Holding hands.
Holding Hands.

Friend, Cade.
Cade and Haven.



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3 responses to “The Kindergartner.

  1. kflowers

    You are soooo good to take pictures of everything…I need to get better about it. They both are so cute. We don’t know when Cambron’s first game is yet (right now it’s just practices). We went and ate lunch with Micah and the kids Sunday. Haven was so funny! And Harbin was so quite and cute-with his poor lil bruse. Cambron and the kids went back to his house for a little Wi. Cambron is so into the Wi stuff. That was the first time I have ever seen it-it’s so amazing!! Anyway- they’re sweet kids.

  2. Michael Ann

    So glad she did well! BTW, I know Cade too – he went to Ms. Linda’s and is her grandson (which I know you know all this!) I just saw Annie yesterday at Ms. Linda’s. Glad you survived!

  3. Candice

    Kara, your kids are too cute! Haven reminds me so much of you when we were little! It’s so good to keep up with you on here. Happy 30th by the way. I’m right behind you! 🙂

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