The week.

It was a week. Haven’s first week of kindergarten. End-of-the-week craziness from work, where, ironically, I got the same lecture, er, I mean, corrective criticism that hurts, yet is the truth. Kind of like what God is teaching me in this season of growing. Just like Him to tell me again through my boss and my boss’ boss…
A week of forgiveness, day to day, hour by hour. A week that ended (on Friday) with a late night with a friend and her kids that Haven and Harbin stay with sometimes during the day….we were all so blessed. And yet another blessing that I can’t mention at the moment, but will when the time is right.
How God is pursuing me, ever so gently, and putting people in my path that have encouraged me, prayed for me, and not given up…..who have, and are staying the course with me…even if we don’t get to see or talk to each other as much as I would like, you know who you are, and I hope you know that I love each of you…thank you for loving me and praying..
How He has encouraged my kids at just he right time, with a postcard from nana and bopa (thanks mom and dad–they loved it) that made them feel so loved and special….and how the heart of the Father is found in His children….
He makes all things new….new beginnings, redemption, renewal.


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  1. Bops

    Bops is so proud of Hav and all the blessings God is pouring out on her. Harb’s hair is so awesome, looks more like Bops all the time. Love you guys. Bops

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