August 28. 2008. 9.15pm

This is the day and time that our baby girl asked Jesus into her heart. Almost exactly 6 years to the day and time…God is good….a year of new beginnings indeed.



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6 responses to “August 28. 2008. 9.15pm

  1. Christy

    What a blessing!! That’s awesome.

  2. Stephanie


    I’m smiling really big. I’m so proud of you and your decision to ask Jesus into your heart. he has big plans for you little girl, and I cant wait to see how he uses you for His glory. I love you so much.

  3. kara. what a glorious day!!! i can’t wait for this.
    and you’re so sweet to reply to my blog.
    i can’t get over how gorgeous your kids are!!!
    and i think i saw you at Chic.fil.a the other day…
    but i couldn’t get to you…these 3 kids i have take every ounce of my attention! ha ha.
    love you friend.

  4. Kristin

    Woo hoo! I had no idea when I saw you guys! Haven, I’m so proud and excited for you! I can’t wait to see what God does through you! Happy Birthday!!

  5. Sarah

    Oh Kara, that is wonderful!!! Haven, we’re so proud of you!

  6. Oh How wonderful! I look forward to the day when my kids do this same thing. How proud you must be momma! Haven, We will keep you and your walk with God in our prayers!

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