The Partay.

Pics from the party at the climbing wall. Everyone had fun and we are so blessed. The ‘real’ party is tomorrow…
Cupcake boy.
‘cucake’ all night after this.

Uncle Julio and Harb.
Julio and Harb.

Have's present.
A present.

Gray boys minus Cope plus Maddie.
Gray boys minus Copeland and sweet Maddi in the stroller.

Haven and Meya.
Haven loving on baby Meya.

Haven about to climb.
Getting ready to climb.

Sweet Ro.
Ro wanting that cup cake…


I’m a cupcake rookie, but enjoyed it.


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One response to “The Partay.

  1. danbrewer

    happy birthday, haven! she is so beautiful and that is AWESOME about her salvation!

    lots of cute kids at her party.

    i will be praying for her…

    His strength shows in your life!

    God bless!

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