Happy Birthday.Haven Cherie Laney

Dear Haven.
You are 6 today. You’ve already had a big week.
You make your daddy and I so proud. I will never forget the day you were born. It was the HOGS first game of the season that weekend…and you were born on your due date. Although it was a crazy, short, and somewhat chaotic labor, I remember when I first saw you. I remember when they wheeled me out and your daddy was holding you for all to see. He was (and is) so proud of you! The smile on his face said it all.
We prayed for the name that we felt we should name you. We knew what Haven meant, and so it was. And Cherie means ‘beloved’. You have been a place of refuge for so many of your friends who are sad, or upset, and you are always there to make them happy. You are learning what it means to pray for people and how important that is.
And one of the most important days in your life happened the other night when you asked Jesus into your heart. I could tell a few days after, you were shy about telling others, but now, I see you are so excited and proud, as you should be, to tell everyone you come in contact with. As a haven that you are, I know that many others will come to know Him as you grow in Him.
I pray that God will continue to give your daddy and I, and our family, wisdom in how to disciple you and help you learn.
You are so full of energy and life. You amaze me every day. You were literally born with energy. You didn’t want anyone to leave the room you were in. You would cry all the time b.c you were frustrated, or bored, or just wanted to ‘go’ and couldn’t. If I could give you the world, I would give you that and so much more. Thank you for understanding and loving me just b.c I’m your mommy.
And now you are a beautiful, healthy 6 year old. You are so sensitive to others and truly have a heart of mercy. Thank you for all the times you’ve forgiven me when I’ve asked…you have such a tender heart and a desire to please. I pray that that desire would be to please Him above all. I pray that you would be able to use that as you learn what it means to forgive others when they hurt you, or say mean things, or do things that don’t please the Lord.
That you would stand up for yourself and know who you are in Christ—-a beautiful daughter of the Most High, who loves you so much more than anyone, even more than mommy and daddy…to know that you are going to be a leader, someone who desires Him above all else, and desires for others to know what it means to be loved by Jesus and example for others.
How you are so blessed to have two nana’s and two bopa’s, and a whole lot of aunts and uncles and cousins who love and pray for you.
I pray that you would continue to feel His love every day, His presence all around you as you sleep, in your room, at school, wherever you are at, and whoever you are with, to the very core of your being. That you would learn what it means to truly worship and praise Him, even if you don’t sing.:) That you would learn how to listen to the voice of God…you are never too small.
The verse we prayed over you as ‘your’ verse when we dedicated you to the Lord was:
I Timothy 4.12
Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.

I love you pretty girl. As you gain wisdom, may you never have fear. Speak boldly……and never forget, no matter what, you will always be His princess…beautiful and worthy of who He is, and has, already called you to be.




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6 responses to “Happy Birthday.Haven Cherie Laney

  1. I cannot believe that you are six, Haven Cherie! I followed your early life mostly through pictures that your mommy and daddy took of you. I knew that they loved you so much!!

    And then last year I had the privilege of being your teacher at church and saw in person the beautiful girl–both inside and out–that you are becoming.

    I was so happy to hear that you asked Jesus into your heart! I pray that you will follow His lead in your life all the rest of your days.

    Keep on giving of yourself and loving on others like you do; in this way, you will honor your Savior.

    You are such a joy, dear Haven.

    Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

  2. danbrewer

    what a beautiful birthday message!

  3. kflowers

    Kara, I love you. I am WAY to harsh and out-spoken and opinionated almost always…and then I spend the following hours and days feeling completely guilty for opening my mouth and crossing to many lines. Please forgive me if I have ever hurt your feelings or your heart. Sometimes, I really want to make people that are hurting hard-hearted like me- so they don’t feel the hurt so raw. And that’s wrong. It’s good to feel the hurt- you should. And no one should hurt so much that they are numb to pain (or at least feel that way-or put on a persona that they don’t hurt intensely). So, I’m sorry for trying to harden you- in a way (honestly), I just want you to hate that person and never give them the chance to hurt you again- like I have so many times- always hoping for a better run at it and coming out worse in the end. But, my life is not yours. And I love you- you deserve so much happiness and fairytale.

  4. Stephanie

    Now you have me crying–I love you Haven Cherie. You are such a blessing

  5. Kristin

    Beautiful thoughts and prayers for a beautiful girl.

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