Photo Catch Up.

Sorry it took so long Steph….these are several weeks old…..


Hugs. Again Ro looks a bit scared.
Ro looks a bit scared. Harbin enjoyed giving him hugs.

Trying for another group photo.
Trying for a group picture. Pretty Haven…

Again with the hugs. Ro looked a bit more scared this time…

Two boys and a girl
The boys having fun with Haven.

Aunt Kara and Ro.



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5 responses to “Photo Catch Up.

  1. Suzy_Q

    Those pics are so cute! I love the second from the last where the boys are getting Haven! That made me smile!

  2. Stephanie

    LOVE THEM….thank you. You look beautiful in the one of you and Ro. He is blessed to have an aunt like you and great cousins in Haven and Harbin. Love you

  3. Don’t ya’ll be gettin together with out me!!! I love you!:)

  4. michael ann

    Love those pictures Kara! The kids look so happy and you look great too.

  5. Ashley

    Hello friend!

    I’m sorry I’ve been so out of touch. Life gets so crazy during the 6-8 weeks surrounding the sale. I haven’t written on my blog in almost 3 months and am just now catching up on reading friends’ blogs. All that to say, I loved catching up on all of the beautiful pictures of your kiddos and you! I’d love to get together again for a Girl’s Night Out!

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