This evening I felt kind of down. I was driving with the kids….it was dark and they were playing in the backseat. I was deep in thought and passed a church that had those signs where you can change the sayings on it. Normally I don’t pay attention, honestly, but I looked and it said ‘Pray until you hear something’. Then there was another one a few mintues down the road. I looked at that one and it had something else about prayer. I had this conversation with God about these signs. How I’ve felt like I’ve prayed all I can pray. I don’t even know what to pray anymore. I know the Holy Spirit gives us words when we don’t know what to say or how to pray, but I haven’t heard much lately, and I’ve felt like there’s so much more I need to be praying and on my knees about….like I can waste any free minute.

I’ve been going through scripture and writing scritpures on note cards to put through the house. Scriptures to pray over our family. And it also helps Haven in her scripture memory. It’s hard for me to think outside the box sometimes. I’m a routine girl, so change is sometimes hard, but it’s so good to see how God uses that change. For Himself and to help show and teach us. I’m so glad He knows what He’s doing.



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  1. I think it’s important to be honest when we feel like we’ve “prayed all we can pray.” I believe it shows our dependence on Him, that we need Him even to know what to pray TO Him. It takes the human effort out of the equation and shows who truly has the power.

    I pray that God will bless you as you delve into His word and allow it to saturate your home one index card at a time. He promises that His word never returns void, and I claim that promise for you now. Just when we think we’ve read it all and have a kind of complacency about it, God bowls us over with renewed meaning and application in our lives.

    He is faithful, even and especially in times when we are down.

    Love and hugs!!

  2. cheri0307

    When we get to the end of all our doing, it’s the time when we can just ‘be’. Even praying can be something we are working at…it’s easy to lean on the idea that things will hurry up and change as soon as we’ve said the right thing, prayed the right thing, read the right scripture. Yet God wants us pursuing Him, just so He can be near us. Just so we can ‘be’. I think it’s the ‘in our weakness, He is strong’…that becomes so real when we are stripped of everything we knew to be our strength. He loves being with you, Kara. He made you to be the woman you are. You are His treasure and He adores you. Rest in that!

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