Understanding or the lack thereof.

I so wish I could understand things better. I know it seems so simple, you either understand or you don’t. And yes, I guess it is, but there are times where I just sit back and think, ‘Wow, really?!?’ I mean there really are no words and that’s when I just lean more into Him.
And it’s been a hard day on the mind as well. Just draining emotionally and speaking life over the lies and thoughts that come up.

I watched this video today. I hadn’t seen it in awhile, it was on a friends blog and today they did a special on Oprah on it. An amazing story of life and Christ and how you just live each day…you live. You worship, and bring glory…and how, even now, they are able to share Christ and all His glory with a world who may believe in God, but don’t know Him. How truly awesome. Our loss is His gain….we get to know Him…worship, even though it may hard….we get to stand and let Him hold us up.


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