Things I Learned Within the Past 4 Hours…

Harbin, the almost 2 year old is getting his own 2 year-old ness. Like laying on the floor of Wal.Mart b.c he couldn’t get his new pacifiers until after I paid for them. Yes, he screamed. (I knew even though I was going in for 3 things, I should’ve got a cart…lesson learned)

Haven, the 6 year old, is getting to be quite girly. She, like every other girl, likes Hannah Montana, and the Barbie movies. And anything girly you see on Saturday morning commercials.

Me, I learned reality can hit you right in the face sometimes. It can be suttle, or full force right at ya. And when you continue to stand and fight, it’s hard not think of it as a setback, or let doubt set in. It’s just plain hard. But you live. Minute by minute day by day and know He has placed be in a strategic place. This battle belongs to Him.


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