Paci and Blankie.

Harbin and HavenHarbin

It’s amazing how God knows the little things in our lives. It’s a bit bittersweet. I set a goal to wean Harbin of his paci by his 2nd birthday, and then attempt to eventually wean him from his blankie. It’s quite sweet b.c he can say ‘paci’ now, and if he has his blankie, always ask for his paci to go with it, you know like oreos and milk. He takes the head of the giraffe, or tiger in the other picture, and takes the hear of it and rubs it on the end of his nose. He’s done that when he’s tired or in bed since he was at least 6 months old. The other night, I had turned the light off after I laid him down to go try and find said items. He just laid there, so I came back and shut the door. No crying, screaming, or kicking. Didn’t ask for it the next morning (this morning) and went down tonight without one.

I know it’s kind of a little thing, but to this mommy’s heart, it was huge. He’s growing up and yet, God knew it was be beyond tough. To let go, for both of us.

Sooo, for the transition for mommy, I am going to have them monogrammed and put in his hope chest…..



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4 responses to “Paci and Blankie.

  1. Mirjam

    Hi Kara, What a sweet story. Little mile-stones that are sometimes tougher on the mom. Thijs is at the point where is does not “need” his blue puppy at night. Natalie gave it to him when he was born. I put it next to him every night. He holds the ears and softly rubs it on his nose…… when he has a cold, puppy has buggers all over him in the morning! So adorable…

  2. sweet boy, he’s getting so big!

    i fear the weaning of both of those items for Cooper will be a bit traumatic. he seems even clingy-er to them than ever these days. and his second birthday is just around the corner.

    speaking of just around the corner (your place and ours–ha!), i’d love to get together this weekend. I work Friday night and sleep saturday morning, but i’m free otherwise.

  3. Stephanie

    That sorta makes me sad. What a big and very sweet boy.

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