So, I have my days. Sometimes it’s every hour up and down, sometimes days. Where your heart is encouraged and then a few hours later, blech. It’s life. It’s reality. And although I’ve had those type of reality flashes, I just never have experienced one such as this. Hard really doesn’t cut it, so I’m not even going to try.

I’m thankful for family, for brothers and sisters. For those who encourage me to be real in my journey. To an amazing God, whom I don’t always have to understand, but He loves me and cares for me in the most tangible ways. HE is real. He doesn’t let us go. And how awesome that although this is a season of stirring, Haven sees just how real the Lord is in her little life and heart. Through the eyes of a 6 year old.

I’m thankful for intercessors and prayer warriors. Some who know me, some who don’t, who are led by the Holy Spirit……who cover us….who love us enough to stand and do battle with and for us. How humbling to realize that our God changes us through these processes to who He desires us to be for Him.

How God chooses to bring those people in our lives at just the right time even if we haven’t seen them in years. But He knew and it left me speechless. Literally. I couldn’t even tell this person without crying b.c I was so blown away by God and His goodness to me. Imperfect. Sinner. Praise the Lord I’m not the same as I was. I get to grow and change and forgive and release, and just live it out.

His grace is sufficient.


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