So, I saw this frame at hobby lobby this week and I almost cried b.c it’s perfect. Literally. This isn’t the picture I have planned for it. Although the H’s are true miracles, I have a specific miracle I am believing and trusting for….and, well.

I have really struggled today with anger. Yep, it’s there. This has never been something I’ve had to struggle with, and I continue to rely on the Lord to help me process and guard my heart. But it’s an anger that gets your blood going……so I’ve struggled since last night with that,  and heard this song Sunday. Last night from working late at the office until midnight, I came in the car and it was on again. THEN, this morning, yet again. I know that as cheesy as it sounds, it just spoke to my heart and encouraged my soul in a way I so needed at all those specific times.

Being on our knees until there’s an indention in the carpet. Waiting in the silence. Waiting. Expecting miracles.



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  1. Kara,

    what a great song. God is sovereign and His miracles may not be our miracles. Remember that He loves you and knows where you are and what you need at this moment. Praying while you wait and I know that God is working in you and for you. Love you!

  2. Kristin

    Wow. love you, Kristin

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