The times when you intercede as you’ve never done before. When your heart feels like it could literally come out of  your chest. It beats fast and hard, making the grieving all the more powerful. Grieving  from the depths. It’s very humbling to know you’re coming before the throne, bringing all you have, and laying it down. Moving out of the way, leaving it there. We get to bring it to Him, the Holy One. Who is perfect. And we are, well, ourselves. There’s nothing that compares.  He loves us enough to put His hand below our chin, and lift our head to see His face. To see Him, suddenly, all other things are stripped away, not even a thought in our minds. We are bare before Him, real, true. We leave nothing hidden, relying soley on Him. For our breath, our life, our existense.

It’s just you and your Daddy. You are His delight. His beloved.



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  1. heidi

    Yep. Yep. I get it. I am so totally there with you right now. Pain is pain. Reading your words was like a cool wind, very refreshing and real. Thanks so much for sharing your heart, what you say is so true and there is a strange, weird beauty in the gut-wrenching pain… God suddenly becomes tangible.

    You are in my heart!

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