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Some thoughts.

The changer of hearts

Breathing life to the dead parts

He’s the answer you seek

Your strength when you’re weak

He’s everything when you’re alone

For a prodigal, your home

A indescribable fulfillment when you’re dry

A comfort for you when you want to ask why

Through the journey, HE is seen

A rock and fortress on which to lean

His Words to me tonight.

‘Trust, declare, believe, stand

I have all of this chaos in MY Hands

I will show who I AM

My purpose, will and plan

Continue, move forward I’ve made the way

Just walk in it, tomorrow’s a new day

To walk out all I’ve purposed and planned for you

So that others will come to know Me as I see you through

Hold My Hand and as I go before you and beside

And remember when you don’t want to be strong, here are My Wings, you can hide

I will hold you close, you will know My presence like you’ve always longed for

I will bring you rest, peace, and release–out from under My Wings you can then soar

Because I have equipped you for such a time as this, to soar like an eagle in flight

And in my perfect timing, all that has been stolen, lost, broken, I will make right.’


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