Be still and know I am God. I am faithful. Lay your head on Me, I will give you rest. I have every hair on your head numbered, do you not know that I can take care of you and your family? Trust Me. I have given you this faith to walk it out. You are not to be led by what is seen with human eyes, but unseen, by the Spirit. I have equipped you, although you may not realize it or feel like it, I am God, and I know Your steps. I ordered them. Your babies are precious in My sight. They are going to bring others to Me. They already have brought Me so much delight. And you, child, are my delight.

Rest in that tonight.

Your Father.



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  1. This completely resonates in my Spirit even of things so apart from your life. I am blessed today after having read this! Kara, I pray that the God of peace will be your shadow, today, and that you would experience Isaiah 54 in all its fullness. xoxo

  2. Kara, Harbin looks so big with his new haircut!! Oh my goodness! I’ll be praying for childcare for Haven. Hope H is over his stomach bug. Lots of love. K.

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