An update.

It’s been quite awhile since H and H have been on here. It’s been a crazy few years, much less the last few months. They have been such a joy and blessing. God has been so faithful to protect their hearts, their minds, their spirits. He is all over them and in them. It’s neat to watch. Haven has really enjoyed reading her Bible at night during our special time we have before she goes to bed. She is growing up so fast, and I see so much of her personality and her zeal for life in general. She is so gentle and so full of energy at the same time. She is a thinker, yet she speaks the truth. I hurt when she hurts and cry when she cries. My heart breaks with hers, just as our Father’s breaks with ours. She is so excited for school to start and enjoyed softball this summer, along with swimming at nana and bopa’s house.

Harbin is growing so fast as well. I’m a little sad, as the past two years of his life have been chaotic, but some of the sweetest times with him. He is talking, asking questions, and has the sweetest spirit. So loving and enjoys people like his sissy, although a little more cautious. We have found out randomly that police men scare him and he cries loudly when he sees them walking. He loves his sissy and his family and loves to pray at night. He has a set pattern each night, pray for daddy, then mommy, then sissy and Harbin. He loves the Lord already and I’m so grateful. Like his cousin he loves church and learning about Jesus. He likes to ‘sing to Jesus’ when I take him in to sing.

Our new addition this summer was Marley. Haven picked out his name and he has been an added blessing.:) He’s a sweet dog and the kids really have enjoyed loving on him.

As for the next few months, there are a few details in regards to my work schedule and Haven’s school, ect. and we are believing the Lord for the right person to pick her up and stay with for a few hours until I can get her. God knows even the tiniest things are big and important. And my heart for my children is to be where He would have them to be. In a place or with someone that will love them and nuture them and live out Jesus. I’m believing that for Haven and for Harbin. We are blessed with a great extended mothers day out program that Harbin goes to during the week, all year round from 730-430. Such a blessing and he loves it and they love him.

The Haircut this summer.

The Haircut this summer.

The haircut after.

The haircut after.

Her softball buddy and Marley.

Her softball buddy and Marley.

Ms.Ireland and the diploma.

Ms.Ireland and the diploma.

Erin's Homecoming!

Erin's Homecoming from India.



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2 responses to “An update.

  1. I loved reading your update! Harbin sure is getting big. I’d love to have the three of you over to swim in the Har-Ber Meadows pool this summer.

    Also, let me know if you are interested in shopping early at the consignment sale. I’d be happy to give you a job that you can do from home. You could even hang up some posters for me at the Wal-Mart Headquarters while you are there. There is absolutely no pressure–we have plenty of help. I just wanted to know if it would serve you.

  2. Stephanie

    They are so sweet!!! My favorite part is how harbin prays at night that makes me smile and cry at the same time and I’m so proud that Haven loves to read her Bible at night. You are such a good mommy!!!! Can’t believe how big they are. Saw you were looking at houses woo hoo…Praying you find the perfect house at the perfect price ; ) Call me when you do I want to see it. Love you

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