one day

i will be able to write it out on paper. my desire is to write a book very soon. or at least start on it. i read a dear friends blog today. the kind of friend that you don’t see often, but you’re bonded through Christ, through kindred hearts, shared experiences.maybe i can say the word without wanting to throw up, or for that matter, snap out of my dream world. oh, there are times where, yes, i get it. it’s reality. it hits you in the face if you forget. yet, there are times where it still is so unreal. unheard of. unthought of. (that’s not a word, but for now, it is)

one day, i’ll be able to. it won’t make it any easier, or better, but it will be part of the process. healing. wow, to say it and type it, it’s so powerful. HE will do that for me. HE has and HE will continue. it’s a process. i think i think ‘one day…’ i just need to get through this process to get to the other part of the process, and He wants me to just be still. be in the process now, don’t rush. don’t try to fix it or change it, release and let Him guide the process.

our ‘one days’ may or may not come, but i know He will give us the strength to go through the seasons, process, learn, grow and then, if we’re lucky, we get to do it all over again. our ‘one day’ will bring Him glory every day. and He’s so worth it.



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2 responses to “one day

  1. our “one days” may look very different than our Fathers.

    just found your blog and am reading a bit of your story. seems as if we share some similiar circumstances.

    love the way you write!!

  2. You’re doing great. Life is not a contest, but if it were, you’ve already won. You don’t have to move faster on your journey than you are. You may have the powerful urge to ‘skip chapter’ or ‘ff’, but you aren’t alone through the yuck of it all. You are a valiant, shining princess to the Prince of Peace. He adores you.

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