I’m always amazed at his prophetic heart. The words he says. He said something last night that was so matter of fact. I asked him again, thinking maybe I misunderstood him, he said it again, plain as day. I just thanked Jesus. And prayed once again that the Lord would continue to protect him, that the Holy Spirit would continue to speak to his heart and that he would share. He is recognizing his colors, counting, and enjoys his ABC’s.

I love how they are creatures of  habit and routine. The same book at bedtime in the same spot. Cuddled up drinking juice and rubbing his index finger and thumb between the blankets he’s under. It’s the little things I want to not forget. That in the chaos of this season, the hurriedness,the impatience, the preschool all day I didn’t think he’d be in until he was 4 b.c I thought I’d be at home with him like Haven….that above all that, he would see who Jesus is. That he would learn through life, through mommy, through his sissy, and through those that love him, that Jesus loves the little children. That’s the song he wants me to sing at night before I put him in his bed. He doesn’t know I sang that since he was born. He loves to sing to Jesus and loves to pray. Faith like a child…

It melts my heart when they both run up to me after a long day. Or after they’ve been gone all weekend, and the house seems empty and not like a home until they are there. Or that my heart hurts when they do, or when they don’t understand why our season is the way it is. I have to be honest and say I don’t either, but that God knows what He’s doing in our family and we dont have to understand, but we get to love Jesus. We get to see how He loves us. How He shows us.

And sometimes He shows us through our babies. How blessed we are.


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  1. Stephanie

    This made me cry. It is the small things I don’t want to forget too. You’re a awesome momma. Love you

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