I am so amazed at who He is. I’m amazed at the season I’m in, He still speaks to me. I’ve never heard Him more clearly than in this season, and it’s been truly awesome. A lot of times in the car….this morning, the song ‘Jesus Paid It All’ came to my head. Over and over again, the phrase- ‘Praise the One who paid my debt, and raised this life up from the dead’. I tried to search for it on youtube on my way to work. (not the brightest idea I’ve had lately..) This has meant much to me on so many levels. My heart aches for those who aren’t walking in this freedom, who need rescued. HE is big enough and strong enough. He can raise us from death to life. I have been praying for hearts that are hardened to be made new.He will melt the heart of stone…I mean HE can wash that all away…HE can make us clean. It’s a whole new light bulb for me, a whole new reality I am walking in. It takes my breath away.

I have been struggling with many things. My job, the feeling of being ‘stuck’. The ‘I’m not sure where I fit’….being on the edge of something amazing and new, and yet I don’t know what it is or when.  Then I read these verses: Numbers 23:19 and Exodus 33:14. Yesterday, before I read these verses, I kept getting ‘the spoken Word is powerful’, over and over again in my mind. The Rhema word. It’s LIFE.

I pray that HIS Word would be life to you today. That you would realize where you ‘fit’, He would speak clearly to you that YOU are HIS, and that whatever your role is, YOU are valued, loved, and so truly dear to His heart.


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  1. So good, Kara. I know how you feel. I’m walking in Egypt these days, but I am free. I am here to proclaim freedom for the captives! You are so shiny!!! Thanks for being a light.

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