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Praying for your heart to stay pure. For the Lord’s continued protection over your heart, mind, spirit. That your sensitivity to the Lord would grow stronger as you continue to please Him. That you will remember how much He loves you and how beautiful you are to Him. Beauty is within you. It’s Jesus inside you…..

You are learning so much. I love this stage in your life, yet am sad b.c you are growing up. No more bottles or pacis. You are all boy, yet you already have so many questions about Jesus. You want to know where He lives and if He can come to your school. How you and I prayed for the right school for you where you can learn about Jesus everyday. And He has provided that. You are so sensitive to Him and you are so loved. You love Barney and Bob the Builder and Veggie Tales.


You are both such a blessing and a treasure. You bless my heart each day when I see you after work and you run up and hug me tight. Your smiles light up any dark day and your sweet spirits I KNOW please Jesus. I know that you both are in His hands, b.c you are loved, protected, held safe. There are things that I can’t control, although I wish that I could protect you from all the things that you shouldn’t see, hear, do, yet I KNOW HE HAS YOU IN HIS HANDS. He has it all planned out for you….and His puproses in your life will be fulfilled.

Mommy loves you. Always.


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there are many blessings we have. this one particular one has been truly from the Lord. she is haven’s special friend and counselor. she has sacrificed her time, she has given her heart and soul into praying with haven, loving on her, and helping by the Holy Spirit. she has such a sweet spirit, i find myself thanking the Lord for her on so many occassions.  she is an answer to so many prayers. she gets to see her once a week and some days are better than others, but we know that God works all things together for GOOD, to those that love Him.

we pray for ms. savannah all the time, and i pray that the Lord would continue to bless her as she has been a blessing to us. that He would give her the desires of her heart, the longing of her soul. the peace and rest in the waiting. she, as we all have at times, been through hard days, not understanding the Lord’s hand at times, yet she is a testimony of grace and giving of self to fulfill the call on her life.

we love you so much and are so grateful that you are in our lives. thank you for showing haven Jesus and for not giving up on what the Lord is wanting to teach and work in us all.

you are truly amazing and we are in awe of the goodness of God.


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A holy, joyful expectancy is the very essence of true waiting. And this is not only true in reference to the many varied requests every believer has to make but most especially to the one great petition which ought to be the chief thing every heat seeks for itself. That the life of God in the soul may have full sway. That Christ may be fully formed within, and that we may be filled to all the fullness of God. This is what God has promised. this s what God’s people too little seek–very often because they do not believe it possible. This is hat we ought to seek and dare to expect, because God is able and waiting to work it in us.

But God Himself must work it. And for this end our working must cease. We must see how entirely it is to be the faith of the operation of God who raised Jesus from the dead–just as much as the resurrection, the perfecting of God’s life in our souls is to be directly His work.

‘Waiting on God’ by Andrew Murray.

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stick a fork in me

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Get up and walk.

The veil is about to be lifted. You put the mud over my eyes, I can see. You put Your hand on my ears, I can hear. You reach for my hand, and pull me up. A new hope.You give me the courage to walk. One foot in front of the other.

You are the giver of this faith that is within me. You are the reason there is a hope within me that is unexplainable. You want us to continue on in that faith. To rise up in that faith, that hope, and walk in it! No longer sitting down, the veil over our eyes, our hearts.

Continue to speak to our lonliness, the kind that no one else sees, no one else knows about. It could be lonliness in caring for sweet babies all day with no adult interaction, struggles with spouses, a need to know where to fit in life.

Jesus, guide us. Give us that strength and desire to get up and walk. In truth, in faith, in hope in You and what You desire for Your children to be. So many of us desire that, yet so many are searching….yearning. Fill that in Your name.

Heal hearts, heal homes, heal minds. We still believe in miracles.

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