Get up and walk.

The veil is about to be lifted. You put the mud over my eyes, I can see. You put Your hand on my ears, I can hear. You reach for my hand, and pull me up. A new hope.You give me the courage to walk. One foot in front of the other.

You are the giver of this faith that is within me. You are the reason there is a hope within me that is unexplainable. You want us to continue on in that faith. To rise up in that faith, that hope, and walk in it! No longer sitting down, the veil over our eyes, our hearts.

Continue to speak to our lonliness, the kind that no one else sees, no one else knows about. It could be lonliness in caring for sweet babies all day with no adult interaction, struggles with spouses, a need to know where to fit in life.

Jesus, guide us. Give us that strength and desire to get up and walk. In truth, in faith, in hope in You and what You desire for Your children to be. So many of us desire that, yet so many are searching….yearning. Fill that in Your name.

Heal hearts, heal homes, heal minds. We still believe in miracles.


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