Praying for your heart to stay pure. For the Lord’s continued protection over your heart, mind, spirit. That your sensitivity to the Lord would grow stronger as you continue to please Him. That you will remember how much He loves you and how beautiful you are to Him. Beauty is within you. It’s Jesus inside you…..

You are learning so much. I love this stage in your life, yet am sad b.c you are growing up. No more bottles or pacis. You are all boy, yet you already have so many questions about Jesus. You want to know where He lives and if He can come to your school. How you and I prayed for the right school for you where you can learn about Jesus everyday. And He has provided that. You are so sensitive to Him and you are so loved. You love Barney and Bob the Builder and Veggie Tales.


You are both such a blessing and a treasure. You bless my heart each day when I see you after work and you run up and hug me tight. Your smiles light up any dark day and your sweet spirits I KNOW please Jesus. I know that you both are in His hands, b.c you are loved, protected, held safe. There are things that I can’t control, although I wish that I could protect you from all the things that you shouldn’t see, hear, do, yet I KNOW HE HAS YOU IN HIS HANDS. He has it all planned out for you….and His puproses in your life will be fulfilled.

Mommy loves you. Always.


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