January 7th and 8th.

Today is a special day b.c my sweet baby boy was due on this day. This was his official due date. I will always remember these two days. Tomorrow, although I am blogging about it tonight, b.c I won’t be able to tomorrow, was when my second baby went to heaven. Somehow, no matter how long ago, a mommy always remembers dates. It was January 8th 2004. So long ago, but still so fresh in my mind. It’s amazing to think about being safe in Heaven with Jesus, yet we are also safe here, our earthly home, with Jesus.

Birthing means to: A beginning or commencement. I feel like the past few years have been that for me. Sometimes traumatic events lead you to that, normally not by your choosing. He gives and He takes away, but His name is to be called blessed. I won’t understand some things, but I will trust and know that He is and will continue to birth in me His purpose. And for my babies, the ones I’ve lost, and the ones here on earth that I get to show Jesus to, their hearts would be molded to Him. And when my heart literally beats out of my chest from hurt and pain and grief (and anxiety-who knew) then I will still trust and know that my heart is His. And He knows.



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4 responses to “January 7th and 8th.

  1. Sarah

    So funny how you always remember those dates. Our babies in heaven would have had almost the same birthday! Mine was due Jan 7th (but in 2008).

  2. I don’t think I’ll ever “get over” those dates. I was talking to a wise woman in her 50’s who lost her 4th child in a miscarriage and said she still grieves that child to this day. I think that’s how it will be until we are reunited. It was neat how God gave you Harbin around that time.

  3. stephanie laney

    Thanks for sharing Kara. You know of everybody you allowed me to feel the loss of a baby more than anyone else. What a blessing!!! And one day we’ll hold them…won’t that be great. i love you!!!

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