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I had a pretty bad day today and came home a bit ago. A few minutes ago, I saw this man on the INSP channel singing this song, and I can’t tell you the peace and the presence in my room and in my heart. Thank you Jesus for the little ways you speak to me.

I love you.



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Baby Meya

You can get all the details here, so I won’t repeat.:) She is beautiful and we are so proud and excited to have a sweet, beuatiful girl for Roman and Harbin to play with and grow up with!
Baby Mia
Baby Meya–she was hungry.
Darnelle, Cam, and Mia
I love this one! Darnelle, Cambron, and baby Meya.
Me and Mia.
Me and baby Meya.

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A dear friend of mine reminded me today to stand…when the world looks and seems hopeless. When there seems like no hope, He is our hope. And the simplest of verses, at times bring new meaning. Walk by faith and not by sight…it’s a life response…the way we live out our beliefs.

A few weeks ago at church, we were challenged to write down the times God has been real. There are times where I feel He’s so real, He’s right next to me. He’s holding me or standing with me. And there are other times where He seems so far away, I want to give up.  Yet, He is there. He knows my deepest desire in my heart that no one else does. He’s there when I don’t understand and reassures me that I don’t have to always have things figured out. He was there when He gave His life so I could live. He’s real b.c He’s God, there is no other.

As I sit here, I think of those who are in a battle in their life. I know they take on many different forms. Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities. I am learning how to stand and war against the powers of darkness. Where light is, the darkness flees. Pleading and desperate, praying for patience and choosing to forgive daily, sometimes by the minute. Sometimes when you’re at this point, it’s not real pretty and, at times, it’s hard not to isolate yourself from the ‘outside’ world. Like Martha said, if you don’t want to see, why would anyone else? I feel like it gets harder for me when I have a battle to fight…maybe partly b.c I feel I’m at fault and partly b.c it’s just too painful to even try to figure out where to start. Don’t really want to start laying out all my ‘what ifs’, but maybe I can compromise at ‘Please pray’.  

Walk by faith, not by sight. Jesus, help me to walk IN You, no matter what I see around me.


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