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So, randomness strikes again. I am a newbie when it comes to Photoshop. Thus far, I have been able to do black and white pics, which I love, as you can see, as all my colored photos are now all in b & w. 🙂 Micah also showed me (which I now can’t remember, even though he just showed me 10 minutes ago) how to do part color/layer. Now, I just have to actually print these pictures out. Poor Harbin doesn’t have any pictures of him anywhere in the house b.c they are all online….

Sweet boy.
This one kind of makes me want to cry…he is just so sweet and happy and CUTE. (partial, I know:))

Sweet Centerpiece
Our sweet centerpiece for Memorial Day lunch.

Micah and I are going on a date tomorrow night to Bordino’s. We haven’t been there since our first anniversary, and we thought we’d try it again. So, I’m sure you’ll get another picture post of us two together hopefully.:)


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9 Years with my best friend.

So, my anniversary is today. I can’t believe I have been married for 9 years already. It seems, at times, to go fast, other times, slow. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. Some moments would include:

*ice cream on Sundays at DQ in Lowell just the two of us
*playing pick-up basketball games at the apartment
*going wherever whenever b.c we didn’t have kids
*the birth of Haven 4 years after we got married
*our 3 losses a year after Haven was born
*the birth of Harbin 5 months ago
*going to sleep with him beside me
*waking up with him beside me
*being stupid
*date nights
*anything when we’re together

Micah, I love you for you and for who I am with you. Thank you for making me a better me. I love your heart and how the Lord has molded you into who you are. Thanks for being my best friend.

Next year, for the big 10 year, you guys might get a year by year of our first 10 years married. I know you can’t wait.:)

Contemplative Micah

black and white verson.


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With the Kids.

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Havenism of the Day

So, haven’t done this for awhile, but this is noteworthy.

Haven just walked in the living room from playing and she said:

‘Mom, guess what Jesus told me while I was in my room?’

Me: What

Have: He said that we need to call Mia (her friend from church) and have her come over and spend the night.

Me: Are you sure that’s what He said Haven?

Have: Yes mom.

**This is the best part**

Have: Remember mom, Jesus is ALWAYS with us.

What a good reminder. Although I think at times she ’embellishes’ what she feels Jesus is telling her, I am so glad that she knows He CAN talk to her, that she CAN be listening to Him, even though there is no ‘sound’ and that He IS always there, even when we can’t see Him.

Thank you Jesus for Haven. She is truly becoming more like You, although, at times, she does what she wants, I pray that she would continually think on the things of You and that her mind and heart would be ever-ready to accept You.

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It rained today. I’m tired.

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Girls Night Out

One of my dear, best friends and I went out last night for dinner. It was so fun to catch up and talk with out kiddos. I am so thankful for her and her friendship. How, even though we don’t see each other as much, we know each other is praying for the other, we can call each other anytime with anything, or email. It’s just such a blessing….friends like this are so rare.

I love you Kristin and pray blessings on you today!!

Kristin and I

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Yay! It’s fixed. One of the many reasons why I haven’t blogged in awhile. (or so it seems)

Micah is back. He got back around midnight on Wednesday. We were all so glad to have him home. A few things we did while he was away:

*Haven graduated K.3

Haven Graduates K.3

Being a Sheep

*Harbin had his 4 1/2 month check up–not sure why I scheduled it while he was out of town–he was cranky from his shots, not to mention Haven and I were cranky b.c, well, I think we were already tired of each other by Tuesday. Here are his stats though:

Weight:14.8 pounds 32 percentile

Height: 25.5 inches 56 percentile

So, he is growing and praise the Lord, he is healthy.


*Went to Sonic way too much.

*I went to bed around 8:00 every night.

*One of the sweet moments between Have and Harb.

Haven reading to Harbin about 'Tattling'

*Painted the kitchen with my mom on Mother’s Day (after Micah left that morning)

*Put together an ExerSaucer for Harbin.

*Melinda was voted off American Idol. I loved her a lot…she was genuine and a Christian, and well, she was good too. Now, I think it’s all Jordin.

So, I really did enjoy my kids while he was gone, but I must be honest, that it was hard too. I am so thankful for them and their personalities.

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