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We are finally home.

Although it was only 2 1/2 days, it seemed like forever.  We had a great time going to the park (3 times) eating at fun places in Norman (minus the sushi place–ick) and just hanging with my cousin. Haven sold cokes at the garage sale and made 5.50. She would ask ‘would you like a coke?’ when people walked up. It was sweet.

This is the only picture I took this weekend. I anticipated taking more with my cousin and aunt and Harbin, but, alas, it was a bit CRAZY! I was so thankful for my aunt and cousin helping me with two kids. While we were there, Harbin turned 4 months old. It is so hard to believe. He is so sweet and laid back (unless he’s hungry) so it’s been a change from Ms. Haven. Speaking of Haven, so for some weird reason, every time we went to the park, she would poop in her pants. She never poops in her pants (I had to throw away two pairs of panties b.c I didn’t feel much like cleaning them up) and usually has a ‘time of day’ she goes, which is when we are home. It was so weird. (and gross) So, we have yet to figure that one out, but thanks to Erin, for taking her back and forth to the bathroom many times, and my aunt for cleaning her up one time and putting her pants back on her so she could play. (yes, she went commando at one point….ick again) But, she had the BEST time outside playing and we were so worn out when we got home yesterday. I went to bed at 8:00 and Haven and Harbin were in bed by 7:30.

OH, while I was away, my friend Kristin, found out she is having a GIRL. Baby Gray will be all set with 4 older brothers!!:)

Haven at the Park in Norman Ok.


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Seeking Him

This song is by Kari Jobe. She is a wonderful worship leader out of the Dallas area, and has a heart to bring others into His presence through worship. I was there about 15 minutes ago while burping Harbin. (who said you can’t worship AND feed and burp your child?:)) It was amazing, something I really needed and have lacked for awhile. I am at a dry spot in my walk right now, and it was so refreshing to tune everything out (almost:)) and just be in His presence, worshiping. It was like…..well, I’m not sure how to characterize it, so I won’t. It was just truly amazing.

Thank you Lord for the little times I get to spend in Your presence, even though I am in my living room with my kids. I pray that You would overflow my cup, fill my heart and my mind, spirit, and soul with Your presence and fragrance. I am desperate for You.

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Tomorrow morning, we (with the exception of Micah) are leaving to go to Norman to visit my cousin, Erin, and help with a garage sale for her mission trip. A little nervous with two kids, but excited to get out of Arkansas and have some fun! We will be back on Sunday, so Micah will have the whole weekend to hang by myself…

Off to pack and clean.

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Today, Haven went on a field trip, complete with a ride on the bus. The trip was to McDonald’s to celebrate summer birthdays and the upcoming end to the school year. I was able to go since I am no longer working…..needless to say, it was crazy…the moms that came were amazed at how the teachers do it (AND they teach on a volunteer basis….they are all so good w/ our kids) It was the one by the mall and they got there early enough that they were the only ones there. I think every kid that came in was a bit overwhelmed by the large group and left promptly.

k.3 students:16

k.4 students:22

Crammed in a McD’s play area:in-sane!!


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Haven and Harbin

Lord, thank You for the children You gave me. I pray that they would come to know You at an early age, that their hearts would be changed forever, from the inside out. That Haven would be a haven for those hurting and in need of safety, rest, and You. That Harbin would be a warrior for You, fighting for You and, although he is young, You are already molding his heart and personality to be more like You.

Thank You,


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Havenism of the Day

We were going to pay a bill and stopped by sonic on the way. I got Haven a Sprite and usually, when she drinks it too fast, she gets a stomach ache from all the carbonation. I reminded her not to drink too fast b.c the bubbles would make her tummy hurt. So today, of course, she drank it too fast and got a stomach ache.  So, she told me to hold onto her drink and she was going to play with her little game she had to ‘help make her belly feel better’.  A minute went by, and she said:

‘MOM, my belly feels all better!!’

I said: ‘Praise the Lord, I am glad it feels better’.

Haven: ‘Yeah, Jesus went down my throat and got all the bubbles out of my belly so it would feel better’.

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Holding Hands and Praising God

The title says it all, but today, Haven was holding Harbin’s hand while they were in the car seats. She usually does this and Harbin just loves it and smiles at her. Today, she said:

‘Mom, I’m holding Harbin’s hand and teaching him how to praise God’.

WOW! For all the times she has been a stinker today, that makes it all worth it.


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