Havenism of the Day

Me: Haven please pick up your money. (coins all over the floor)

She goes off singing and not doing what I asked.

Me: Haven, please come pick up your money.

Haven: I can’t mom, I am worshiping.

Me: Well, you can worship while you clean, and you can worship by obeying too. That’s worship to God too.

Haven: No you can’t mom.

She is now picking up her money and worshiping at the same time.

I’m so glad the Lord doesn’t care if we worship Him AND clean too, or drive, or go about our day….He loves our worship and our heart no matter what.


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One response to “Havenism of the Day

  1. Suzy_q

    I think it SO cool that your 4-year old knows what worship is and wants to do it! That is amazing and I commend you and your husband. I hope when we have a child, they are the same way. Walking with Christ is a lifestyle, and obviously, ya’ll have taught her that. Wow!

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